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Best Crypto Podcasts to Listen to

This represents one of the best crypto podcasts.

Nowadays, more people are tuning in to all sorts of podcasts similar to old radio shows. You can find so many online radio shows covering various topics in the crypto market. If you’re a newbie or a veteran investor, there’s a podcast for you.

With so many options out there, you might be wondering how you’ll find the high-quality ones among them. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right article, as I will show you my recommendations for the best crypto podcasts! Still, you have to be careful when choosing a crypto podcast because the wrong one could provide you with the worst advice.

I’ll kick things off by talking about my top picks for crypto podcasts arranged according to the listener’s experience level. This means my number one’s the best for those just starting to invest with crypto, while the ones below are much better if you’ve been following cryptocurrency and blockchain for years. Then, I’ll share some tips for searching and following investment advice.

3 of the best crypto podcasts

  1. Unconfirmed/Unchained
  2. Nugget’s News
  3. What Bitcoin Did

#1. Unconfirmed/Unchained

This is the Unchained Podcast logo.
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These are great for newbies in the crypto market.

I included two podcasts for number one, Unconfirmed and Unchained because Laura Shin is the host for both. Still, both of them are the best crypto podcasts for newbies!

Before becoming one of the first mainstream reporters to talk about crypto assets, right now, she’s writing a book about the history of the crypto space.

You should see by now that she’s an authority when it comes to all things crypto. Yet, her podcasts are surprisingly great for those curious about the asset.

She talks about people’s usual questions about cryptocurrencies, such as when is a good time to buy bitcoin. The Unconfirmed Podcast featured Willy Woo to discuss this topic.

On the other hand, the Unchained Podcast covers recent topics in the world of crypto. For example, one of the episodes featured Yield Guild Games cofounder Gabby Dizon.

If his name doesn’t ring any bells, his company started the hit NFT game Axie Infinity. It’s now one of the most popular pay-to-earn games in the Philippines.

The back and forth between Shin and her guests are fun and engaging. Even better, most of the episodes last roughly half an hour compared to the next ones that may go on for two hours!

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#2. Nugget’s News

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This is a good choice if you already know about cryptos and investments.

Nugget’s News is one of the best sources of bitcoin and crypto news, and you can listen to it as a podcast. It features Alex Saunders, another high-profile personality in the crypto world.

Saunders is the CEO and Founder of this news outlet while serving as a board member of Blockchain Australia. Nugget’s News has a unique approach when talking about cryptos.

Similar to Unconfirmed, it features interviews, except it focuses on how people in the market think. This includes investors, traders, and everything else that affects cryptos.

Assets aren’t just the lines that go up and down in charts. The thing that moves people’s actions is their behaviors. People cause that movement whenever they buy and sell them.

You’ll see this in action when people go all-in on Dogecoin (DOGE) when Elon Musk tweeted about it. Behavior also moves crypto when investors panic sell after China bans crypto again.

It can be easy to see these effects, but it takes experience and skill to trace a lot of them. That’s how Nugget’s News offers valuable tidbits of insight for its listeners.

#3. What Bitcoin Did

This is the What Bitcoin Did logo.
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This might be better for those who have spent years in the market.

Follow the world of bitcoin for a long time, and you’re bound to wonder what will be the mark that the crypto space will leave on the world.

All this talk of NFTs and going to the moon makes you think, where are we and the crypto space going? The What Bitcoin Did podcast tries to figure out what’s next for cryptocurrencies.

It’s hosted by Peter McCormack, a long-time crypto supporter from the United Kingdom. Like Nugget’s News, he talks about what crypto and the world will change in the long run.

What Bitcoin Did sets itself apart by covering topics beyond the market’s mind. These include the flaws of the proof-of-stake model and bitcoin’s effects on the American Dream.

These can overwhelm you if you have no idea how cryptocurrencies work. They may give a brief overview, but it’s best to listen to the podcasts if you already know.

Still, this is one of the best crypto podcasts because it may give you a different view of the world of bitcoin. That’s important if you’re looking for cryptos that the mainstream missed.

Should you listen to crypto podcasts?

This person is listening to the best crypto podcasts.

I’ll include a few more examples, so you can start listening to crypto podcasts. Note that the list below is not arranged in any specific way:

  • Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano
  • Untold Stories by Charlie Shrem
  • Stephan Livera Podcast by Stephan Livera
  • Bad Crypto Podcast
  • The Bad Crypto Podcast by Travis Wright and Joel Comm

You’re free to listen to any crypto podcasts, but you should be careful about following their advice. It’s your money on the line!

If you’ve been following my other crypto articles, you’ll see that I post this reminder on all of them. What’s more, I always tell you to DYOR or “do your research.”

You’ll notice similar behavior in other crypto news outlets. They have to comment on how the coins perform on the market to inform their viewers.

Yet, they often remind crypto investors to choose their assets by themselves. The best crypto podcasts can give valuable insights, but you’re the one who decides what to do.

Final thoughts

Again, this article isn’t meant to provide investment advice. I only have information about the best crypto podcasts, but you should be the one choosing which one to listen to first.

They are a good way of learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some may even cover the latest investment trends. Yet, you should consult a financial advisor for real guidance.

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