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Best entry-level finance jobs in 2022

These folks have the best entry-level finance jobs.

You can start this new year right with the best entry-level jobs in finance. More countries are trying to reopen their economies after the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, more people have money problems who need help from the folks with those finance jobs. If you’re one of those with those roles, you are likely to earn a lot of money from it too.

Another great thing about these entry-level positions is that more people can get them nowadays. They don’t need a lot of experience, and some won’t need a degree in accounting and finance. This article will tell you about these roles. See what their tasks are and how much they pay today!

I’ll start right away with the list of the best entry-level finance jobs of 2022. Next, I’ll share the ongoing trends affecting the demand for finance jobs. You’ll see that this job market is ever-changing, so I’ll explain how you can adapt. This will guide your job hunt, and you’ll see if you need these roles or not.

Here are the best entry-level finance jobs of the year:

  1. Financial writer
  2. Financial manager
  3. Personal financial advisor
  4. Financial analyst

#1. Financial writer

This is the best entry-level job.

Average salary: $74,104 to $133,500

Think about the best entry-level jobs in finance. Huge investment firms often come to mind. If not, you may think of people who work at banks and earn six-figure salaries.

You may never have connected writing articles with the best-paying roles in finance. Yet, you can earn that much from writing about finance. You can do it in two ways.

First, you can work for a large publishing company or financial firm. Second, you could be your boss and work freelance. Still, they often have similar tasks.

Those folks write high-quality articles that provide valuable finance tips. Their clients provide the topics they’ll cover. Also, they may ask the writer to make revisions when needed. own

The biggest reason financial writer is the best entry-level finance job is that it’s flexible. You can cover the subject in many ways, so you have work no matter how it changes.

For example, you can provide budgeting tips during an economic downturn. Now that the world is likely to return to normal, you could switch to investment tips.

You can also start even without a Bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. Just apply for the role where it’s available. Otherwise, head to Fiverr to find freelance work.

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#2. Financial manager

This is one of the best entry-level jobs.

Average salary: $98,103 to $106,258

Business owners all want to earn more money, but it gets tougher as they grow. If you have a small business, you’ll have more branches or equipment.

You’ll have to spend money to maintain them, so they should bring profits that can compensate for it. This is when they need an expert to check their financial statements.

Financial managers use this data to help a business owner make long-term plans to keep earning money. As a financial manager, you could match and even exceed the salary of financial writers.

Unfortunately, this role often needs a related college degree. Still, it’s one of the best entry-level jobs in finance for 2022!

#3. Personal financial advisor

These are people using a calculator.

Average salary: $87,850 to $101,687

As the name suggests, this role involves guiding people with personal budgeting. They may also provide other financial planning services, such as the following:

  • Debt reduction – You can find financial advisors at credit counseling agencies. Those folks talk to people who are having trouble with debt. Also, they provide ways to get rid of debt with little financial risk.
  • Life insurance – Financial advisors may also work at insurance companies to sell them to clients.

Similar to the manager role, you will likely need a degree to land this job. Still, it will likely be in high demand because many people have issues with money nowadays.

#4. Financial analyst

These are people in an office meeting.

Average salary: $68,930 to $81,344

People and businesses often struggle to choose investments. It often involves a lot of money, so they want to make sure theirs is safe as possible. They must earn a lot while keeping risk low.

This is why businesses get help from financial analysts. Looking for assets may sound simple, but their duties include the following:

  1. Speaking with clients about their goals
  2. Checking the latest trends in finance and economics
  3. Using all this information to find the best assets for their clients.

This is one of the best entry-level finance jobs because more firms will look for investments. At the time of writing, the world is trying to restart its economies.

This lets businesses start getting back on their feet. Many of their shares are likely lower now, so this is the best time to add them to portfolios.

Entry-level finance job trends

This is a slide rule and a calculator.

Note that your job choice will depend on your career goals. Also, you must consider the many factors that could affect how viable a job is. That’s why I’ll tackle the major trends next.

The biggest one right now is digital transformation. Nowadays, every industry is trying to adopt various tech tools and services. Even financial institutions are following the trend.

For example, Visa now offers a credit card that gives cryptocurrency rewards. In other words, you can earn bitcoin and other cryptos while you shop.

The biggest firms now see remote work as the new direction for their workplace. It allowed their employees to continue working despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, they see that it can help their business grow in ways that weren’t possible before. For example, it allows them to hire people who cannot go to their offices often.

This means they could expand their workforce without paying for more office space and equipment. Another benefit of remote work is hiring from a larger talent pool.

Anyone with an internet connection and a computer can do these jobs depending on the role. This means they can now hire people from outside their country.

How can you adapt?

This is a person typing something.

This is also great news, whether you’re a fresh college graduate or an experienced job seeker. Remote work lets you apply for more roles! Yet, you will have to put more effort into your job hunt.

Start by improving your skills. Believe it or not, you can do that without spending a penny! The internet has a lot of free resources that can teach important tech skills like Python.

On the other hand, you could continue your education. Those will help you land the best-paying jobs in finance much easier than before.

For example, you could try getting an online MBA degree. They can equip you with the skills you need to adapt to the ever-shifting job market.

You may also improve how you use online job platforms. For example, set a job alert, so you get day-by-day notifications about the latest opportunities.

Start widening your job search by including work-from-home jobs. The financial writer role is again the best entry-level finance job because it allows remote work.

If you can, try getting a side gig too. A part-time job can help you learn new skills, and it can help you earn extra cash. It doesn’t even have to be related to finance!

Final Thoughts

The best entry-level finance jobs list was based on current trends, so it may not fit your career goals. Feel free to explore other websites for more recommendations.

Your goal is to change along with an ever-shifting world. The biggest factors to its changes are the coronavirus pandemic and the world’s digital transformation.

Still, you have to learn about the lesser-known trends that are also changing our lives. You may read more articles from Financial Daily Updates to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest around the world.

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