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Can You Get Student Loans Without A Cosigner?

Can you get a student loan without a cosigner?

People usually need someone to sign their student loans with them. Still, there are ways to get student loans without help from your parents. You could find several private and federal student loans that may allow you to borrow money for college. No matter what you pick, you should plan your education carefully.

First, let’s talk about why people need cosigners for their student loans. Then, we’ll go through the stuff you must consider before taking out a college loan. We will explain the terms you should look out for when selecting your student loan. Once you get approved, make sure to submit the monthly payments on time.

You may have reasons why you want to know how to get student loans without a cosigner. Maybe you may want to be independent as early as possible. Whatever the case might be, you don’t have to follow the usual ways of paying for education. Yet, you should be careful about college education as it will significantly impact your future.

Why would you need a cosigner?

Why would you need a cosigner?

Private student loans require cosigners more often than federal loans. Banks provide them, so they’re similar to credit cards or personal loans.

Banks require a minimum credit score for their loans. A good credit score is typically around 670, depending on the bank. Please contact yours for more information.

You get a credit score by having a credit history. That’s a record of the debts you’ve taken on and paid off. You’ll find that info on your credit report with a score that grades your debt streak.

If it’s your first time going to college, you probably haven’t taken out lots of loans. Your parents may have been taking care of your finances until now.

Still, the bank needs to be sure you could pay back their loan. That’s why they may ask for a family member or guardian to be your cosigner.

They would sign the student loan with you. Your bank will check their credit history. This means they’re also responsible for paying it back.

Do you need a cosigner for all student loans?

Do you need a cosigner for all student loans?

Federal student loans often don’t need a cosigner. You could choose a variety of repayment options you’ll follow after college.

You won’t need a credit history for this type of college loan. If you qualify for subsidized student loans, the government covers your interest while you’re still in school.

As a result, it’s usually more affordable than student loans from banks. Check the US Consumer Finance website to learn how you can apply.

What’s more, you could get relief benefits from the government. For instance, people with federal student loans could benefit from the CARES Act.

Plan your education seriously

Plan your education seriously

College is a huge decision for most people. You’ll carry its effects long after you get a degree. This is especially true if you’re planning to get a student loan without a cosigner.

That’s why you should take the time to plan your education. Read and understand the terms and conditions for any loan. It’s yours, so don’t rely on a family member or friend to check it for you.

Learn why you should pay your student loans on time. Here are some of the ways it could affect your future career and finances:

  • You can’t file for bankruptcy – This means the government or the bank won’t forgive the debt if you can’t pay, except in rare cases.
  • You’ll pay even more – If you don’t pay up for too long, your student loan may go into default. This means more costs such as attorney’s fees, court fees, collection costs, and more interest.
  • Years of repayment – You could take years or decades to pay your student loan.
  • Income and benefits repay your balance – The IRS may take your tax refunds to pay your student loans. Your salary, social security, and disability benefits may proceed to those loans too.
  • You risk your pro licenses – If you took up law or medicine, you might lose your license.

Federal student loans

It’s a brave decision to get student loans without a cosigner. That doesn’t mean you can’t get help. That’s why we’ll show the pros and cons of federal loans:


  • They usually don’t require a cosigner.
  • You pay a fixed interest rate for your monthly payments.
  • If you qualify for subsidized loans, you may end up paying less.
  • Undergraduate students usually prefer federal student loans.
  • International students could also get financial aid.


  • There’s a limit on how much you could borrow. That’s why you may have to take out private student loans too.

Private student loans

Lenders offer different kinds of private student loans. You’ll have to check your bank for more information about their offerings. Here are their usual pros and cons:



  • You may have higher interest rates.
  • You might have to pay fees to set up the loan.
  • They could start charging interest once you get the money.
  • You don’t get the benefits and subsidies from federal student loans.

College without student loans

College without student loans

You probably don’t want help from a cosigner so that you could become independent. If that’s the case, why not go all the way? There are ways to go to college without student loans!

  • Work and save – You could get a job to earn enough for college. It’s not a viable option for many people. Nevertheless, paying even half of your education without debt is a huge win!
  • Earn a scholarship – If you’re still in high school, check for grants and scholarships. You’ll need to earn high grades for them. Still, they could cover a chunk of your tuition, if not all of it.
  • Study at a more affordable school – You may find other universities that offer your course at a lower cost.
  • Enroll in online courses – Believe it or not, online learning has its perks. It lets you continue your education, even during a pandemic.

Final thoughts

You could get student loans without a cosigner. You just have to check all the federal and private options available. You’ll probably need both to fund your education.

What’s more, you could make it easier to repay your student loans. For example, you could consolidate your loans. It combines your debt, so you only have a single balance to worry about.

You may also refinance student loans. If you’re having trouble meeting the monthly payments, student loan refinancing could lower them. This depends on several criteria.

Learn more about student loans

Do you need a cosigner for student loans?

You often need a cosigner for private student loans. Meanwhile, you could get most federal student loans without a family member or friend’s signature.

How can you get a student loan without a cosigner?

If you’re getting a private student loan, have a good credit score. For federal loans, fill out a FAFSA form to learn about your options.

Do you need a student loan for college?

Depending on your situation, you could get a college education without student loans. For example, you could earn a scholarship or grant that could partially or fully cover your tuition.

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