Debt Strategies: Debt Settlement


Comprehensive debt negotiation and settlement services for consumers fighting a great deal of unsecured debt.

Generally known as debt negotiation or debt resolution, debt settlement is made for individuals who can’t make required minimum payments and/or are thinking about bankruptcy or credit counseling. It provides a minimal monthly program deposit and may help people resolve debts relatively quickly. It isn’t a solution for secured debts, such as for instance a mortgage or auto loans.

A company that delivers debt settlement doesn’t negotiate lower interest rates or send payments to creditors. Instead, it negotiates together with your creditors to settle for less than the outstanding balance of the debt after which you pay off that lower debt amount.

If you sign up for a debt settlement program, you’ll make a monthly deposit right into a special purpose account. Though the balance of your account increases, the debt settlement company contacts your creditors and negotiates settlements for less than what you owe. Find out more about how Financial Daily Updates provides debt settlement.

If you’re having a hard time on your debt and want a lowered monthly program deposit that can eliminate your debt relatively quickly, debt settlement could be the right strategy. Based on just how much is the debt and whom the debt was borrowed from, your financial situation could possibly be resolved in less than 24-48 months. *

Financial Daily Updates is proud to be the best choice in the debt settlement industry, having resolved more debt than any other company in the country — over $9 billion. Our program just isn’t one-size-fits-all. We look into debt, your circumstances, along with your goals to create a custom program that provides an excellent opportunity for success. And in no doubt, we do not charge any fees until a debt settlement has been negotiated.