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The NFT Stocks Your Portfolio Needs in 2024

This represents NFT stocks.

You can invest the traditional way on a radical asset by purchasing NFT stocks. Look around the internet, and you’re bound to find the ever-growing hype around NFTs. That’s why so many companies want to adopt the tech as soon as possible.

This means investors are in luck as the old selections of the stock market may soon get a boost. Buy shares from companies that use NFTs, so your portfolio is more likely to grow. Fortunately, this article has the list of recommendations you need!

After I present the three suggested stocks, we will talk more about NFTs. After all, it would be wise to understand a company’s offerings before adding its shares to your portfolio. More importantly, we will discuss whether or not stocks with NFTs are worth it.

Here are the best NFT stocks of 2022:

  1. Funko (NASDAQ: FNKO)
  2. Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)
  3. eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY)

#1. Funko (NASDAQ: FNKO)

If you’re into video games, comic books, or movies, then you might have heard of Funko Pops. These are cute figures that represent characters from these types of media.

Fans of such entertainment love to collect Funko Pops. You may find them displaying their collection in their room at home or desk at the office.

Despite the COVID pandemic, Funko kept earning sales. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the San Diego Comic-Con. That’s why the public event had to go online instead.

That’s when Funko promoted the convention with its Digital Pop collection. It’s a collection of NFTs that look the regular figurines on their store shelves.

When someone buys NFTs from Funko, it comes in an assorted pack. If the buyer gets lucky, they could get a rare NFT to redeem a limited edition physical Funko Pop.

On the other hand, the buyer may sell NFTs on the WAX blockchain. It’s the crypto network that makes the Funko NFTs possible. The question is, should you add its NFT stock to your collection?

There are reasons to feel confident about Funko stock. NFT is a highly versatile blockchain technology, but most people only recognize it as digital art.

When people hear about NFTs, they often think about the Bored Ape NFTs or similar ones worth millions of dollars. This means they’re more likely to buy them in this form.

What’s more, the growing popularity of comic books and other fiction stories will increase demand for Funko’s NFT collection. At the time of writing, FNKO stock was $17.50 a pop.

#2. Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)

Even social media platforms show interest in the NFT hype. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even sold his first tweet as an NFT. Sina Estevi bought it for a whopping $2,915,835.47!

Now, Dorsey lets users turn their profile pictures into NFTs. It works mainly to show others that you own certain NFTs. Those will have a hex-shaped profile picture.

What’s more, this will allow people to link your Twitter account with your crypto wallet’s public address. This means that your account will be linked to your crypto wallet records.

It shares a similar reason why it’s one of the most promising NFT stocks right now. We all know that Twitter is one of the most popular social networks globally.

This means more people are likely to pay for this service. Eventually, this could help the company thrive in the long term. Also, Twitter may have a bright future in NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Aside from NFTs, Twitter now has its bitcoin tip feature enabled. Users 18 years old and above may now send Bitcoin to their close friends and favorite content creators.

As you can see, Twitter is steadily adding new features related to cryptos. This could mean more growth due to NFTs. At the time of writing, the TWTR stock price was $35.93.

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#3. eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY)

When you think of online shopping, Amazon often comes to mind. Yet, the name “eBay” won’t ring a bell for many people. It’s a similar company that also opened in the same year as Amazon.

The main difference between Amazon and eBay is that the latter has an auction system. You can buy stuff on Amazon much easier because most items have a fixed price.

Also, eBay just serves as a marketplace for small businesses and customers to meet. Meanwhile, Amazon has products of its own. Now, an NFT marketplace could set eBay from the eCommerce giant.

Its Art NFT gallery features works from trusted sellers so that most people won’t sell virtual art. Instead, the marketplace tries to make it easier to purchase NFTs.

Regular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea require people to buy art with cryptocurrencies. Due to their wild price movements, beginners find them difficult to use.

People may buy eBay NFTs with fiat money. This allows the use of conventional payment methods like PayPal or credit cards. Still, it has a few major flaws.

Buyers will still have to set up a digital crypto wallet for their NFT collections. That may beat the purpose of making it more accessible to crypto newbies.

At writing, you may only buy digital art, music, and trading cards as NFTs. Perhaps the feature may improve as time passes.

There could be enough people who will try this feature to help eBay grow. At the time of writing, the price of this NFT stock was $58.70.

What is an NFT?

We’ve talked so much about NFTs, but we haven’t discussed what they are yet. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are pieces of digital media with ownership tied to a blockchain or crypto network.

This allows a person to have a unique piece despite the numerous free copies available. It has a lot of great use-cases, such as event tickets that prevent scalping.

That’s why many companies want to adopt this tech in one way or another. Also, this is the reason why we have a lot of great NFT stocks nowadays.

However, people often associate NFTs with art collecting. The hype started when digital artist Beeple sold “The First 5000 Days” as an NFT for roughly $69 million.

People started buying, selling, and making NFTs ever since. They flooded the internet with so many NFT art updates that folks started to think NFTs and digital arts are the same.

Final thoughts

If you’re planning to invest in stocks, NFT arts, or other digital assets, make sure to learn all you can think about them. This will let you invest in the best way possible.

For example, are you familiar with smart contracts? You will need to know about them if you want to invest in NFTs. Some marketplaces rely on them to function.

Note that this article is not meant to provide investment advice. It only informs readers about NFT stocks. Research assets yourself and plan your investments accordingly.

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